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I received my glucose experiment kit, now what?Updated 2 years ago

  1. Wear your CGM device by following the instructions from Abbott. Download the free Libre Link App so that you can use your phone to scan the sensor.
  2. Download the free Tastermonial App. Each time you enjoy one of the Tasterbox snacks, scan the barcode and hit the "log food" button. Leave a note if necessary and hit the "Finish your recording" button. (It is easy to scan when you start to eat so that you don't need to change the time for logging food. If you want to change or add any notes later, you can click the home button and you can see all your food that you logged in the past. And you can edit them)
  3. To get your analysis back at the end of challenge, please sync your Libre to the Tastermonial App. 
  4. Eat the test products 1 serving at a time on an empty stomach. Check if your glucose is around the baseline range (not exceeding 100 mg/dL). Try not to eat or drink anything with sugar or carbs during the 2 hours after testing. If you do, leave a note when you log food. 
  5. Test 4 tablespoons of white sugar or sucrose to establish your baseline. There is no barcode for sugar or honey so you can just manually log food by clicking the "Log food without barcode" purple button on the top screen.
  6. The instructions are designed for 14 days. If you have 2 sensors you don't need to test two items a day. Please take your time. 
  7. If you have anything you don't want to try in the box or you have health conditions or allergy, just skip them. We want you to enjoy the testing without any pressure.
  8. Compare your post-eating glucose graph inside the Tastermonial App.
  9. After 14 days, you can remove the sensor by pulling up the edge of the adhesive that keeps your sensor attached to your skin. Slowly peel away from your skin in one motion. Note: Any remaining adhesive residue on the skin can be removed with warm soapy water or isopropyl alcohol.
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