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How to run a glucose experiment on foods and supplements

Learn how to test different foods and supplements impact on your blood sugar to make an accurate product choice that maximize your energy and promote your metabolic health.


What's the testing rule?

Know which foods and food combination are low glycemic for you

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What does an experiment looks like?

Use tastermonial app and start the glucose challenge

How do I log food?

Log food using the Tastermonial app

What products would I be testing?

Products to test on the glucose challenge

Why measure glycemic responses on food?

Measure glycemic responses on food

Where do I log my food?

Use tastermonial app to log your foods

Best time to run the food experiment?

We recommend you to consume the products within the same category at the same time of the day. If you test energy bars at 9 am in the morning, the next days you should also be testing other energy bars at 9 am.

How fast should I consume tested food products?

To ensure the consistency of your glucose responses, we ask you to consume the tested food within 10 minutes.

Tastermonial glucose challenge overview

How do I participate in the Glucose Challenge without iPhone

If you do not have an iPhone, you cannot use the Tastermonial app. However, we have set up a solution to enable your participation in our Glucose Challenge without the app. By participating in the challenge, you can receive a Personalized Insight rep