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What are the different buying options for the CGM sensorsUpdated 2 years ago

CGM buying options (There are some coupons for CGM sensors available. Check here for the details.)

  1. [Lowest price] Get the prescription from your doctor. Some doctors are reluctant to prescribe for insurance billing for non-diabetic patients, so be sure to mention you’ll be paying out of pocket.
  2. [Lower price] Get the prescription from Tastermonial if you are looking for a DIY CGM learning experience. Our affiliated medical staff is authorized to write qualified testers a prescription for a CGM device (the Freestyle Libre). You can order here. Just give us some brief information about your birth date and the phone number of your preferred pharmacy. You can read your body’s glucose levels immediately using any NFC-enabled smartphone running Android OS 5.0 or higher and iPhone 7 or later running iOS 11 or later. The monthly CGM supply will cost approximately $65-75 for two sensors (14 days each) depending on your pharmacy.  DO NOT BUY THE READER if you already have a supported smartphone. If you see prices higher than $100 for 2 sensors, state specifically that you don’t need the reader. To get a prescription through us, please order a CGM prescription from our affiliated medical doctor. Once you have ordered a CGM or if you already have a CGM, you can become a product tester to receive samples of low-glycemic food products and blood sugar management nutraceutical products. You can also get access to our network of blood sugar educators and nutritionists. Note that our Tastermonial app is free to download and lets you see how different foods and meals affect your glucose levels with a simple food log, barcode scanning and CGM data sync. 
  3. [Higher price] Numerous companies will give you a month’s worth of CGM sensors along with an app and nutrition advice for under $500. Most of these products are intended for people serious about weight control and include health coaches and dietitians to guide your eating, fasting, and exercise. They usually prefer you to sign up for a monthly subscription that can cost hundreds of dollars per month, but come with extensive support for people who need help sticking to a diet.

https://january.ai/ $499 4-week program includes 2 Freestyle Libre devices and an app to guide your eating, fasting, and exercise choices.
https://www.levelshealth.com/ offers “metabolic health” services, including a CGM and nutritionist consultation for about $400/month.

Most of these companies use the same CGM brand that we’ll get you for the TasterBox.

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