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Use GoodRx coupons to get CGM

There are a few coupons available for everyone. Please bring them when you pick up your sensors at your local pharmacy after you get the prescription via Tastermonial or via your medical doctor.

  1. You can use the GoodRx coupon to get a discount. The coupon may include the price for a reader. If you have an iPhone newer than 7, you won't need a reader device as you can activate and scan your sensor with your phone. When buying the CGM at the major pharmacies, the price is generally between $35-$75 per Freestyle Libre CGM sensor.
  2. If you or your doctor are concerned about diabetes, you may qualify for a coupon for one free sensor (14 days). Just sign up for the Freestyle Libre Free Trial and Abbott Labs will help you to learn about diabetes management. (The 14-day Freestyle Libre sensor costs out of pocket less than $50 in the US)
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