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How to apply my CGM?Updated 2 years ago

1. Select an area of skin on the back of your upper arm that generally stays flat during normal daily activities (no bending or folding).

2. Open the sensor pack by peeling off the lid completely. Unscrew the cap from the sensor applicator and set the cap aside.

3. Line up the dark mark on the sensor applicator with the dark mark on the sensor pack. On a hard surface, press firmly down on the sensor applicator until it comes to a stop.

4. Place the sensor applicator over the prepared site and push down firmly to apply the sensor to your body

5. Gently pull the sensor applicator away from your body. The sensor should now be attached to your skin.

6. Activate the sensor using the FreeStyle Libre App.

It's vital you set up your CGM sensor correctly. Without proper setup, you can't get a reliable measurement of your blood sugar levels. 

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